About us

The New Londoners, produced by the Migrants Resource Centre, was created to build better understanding between London communities new and old. It provides a platform for new Londoners to convey their stories directly to all Londoners in order to raise awareness of the lives of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and celebrate their positive contribution to life in London.

Launched during Refugee Week 2007 and described by many organisations as a pioneering work and an outstanding achievement, The New Londoners brought down some of the barriers between migrants and refugees and the host community.

We started out speaking to the British media as a medium to reaching out to the general public; by producing our own paper we became the media, the journalists and the story.

The first issue of the paper won the highly commended prize of the Mayor of London Press awards, in two categories: Best coverage in faith, black, Asian or minority ethnic press and Best visual/creative material. The New Londoners is now produced as a digital magazine four times a year.

Also on The New Londoners website you’ll find the media4us UK blog. The media4us project ran from October 2011 to March 2013, as a partnership project across Europe funded by the European Integration Fund. Like The New Londoners, the project aimed to give greater exposure to migrant journalists and increase the visibility of migrants’ participation in and contributions to society. The media4us blog continues to provide news by and about migrants across the UK.