Summer Cleaning Checklist

After a long winter, the spring is finally here! Yet, before you open the windows to allow in that spring air, you should clean them first. Indeed, we're looking at spring cleaning! However, just relax, we have a spring cleaning agenda to make this overwhelming errand appear to be somewhat more reasonable.

View our spring cleaning list underneath.

Summer Cleaning List

Carving out opportunity every year to profound clean your house is vital to keep your home sound, coordinated and cheerful. Through spring cleaning, you can eliminate residue, shape and buildup before it turns into an issue.

All Room Cleaning List

Begin with errands that apply to all rooms, then, at that point, hit each room individually for more unambiguous cleaning.

  • Dust roof fans and light apparatuses
  • Clean windowsills and window tracks
  • Vacuum drapes and window blinds
  • Wipe down baseboards and shoe embellishment and residue corners for spider webs
  • Test batteries in the entirety of your smoke alarms
  • Clean door handles, bureau handles and light switches
  • Pay special attention to your carpets - they need a professional steam cleaning at least once a year.

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