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Want to contribute an article to The New Londoners digital magazine?

Have a look at our aims:

  • Giving greater exposure to journalists across Europe
  • Bringing stories and perspectives to a wider audience
  • Giving opportunity to everyone to express opinion and share a view on important matters
  • Helping the small business to reach broad audience

If you also support these goals, we’d love to hear from you! Read our editorial guidelines below and mail your contributions to

Guest posts and Article guideliness

Content must be informational, not advertising. Articles submitted to us must be relevant to the UK.

Articles must be in English and at least 300 words. Picture will be highly appreciated too.

No duplicate content is allowed, your text must be unique.

Your article should be on a near native level of English. Please make sure your grammar is in order before sending your text.

A wide range of topics are acceptable. When submitting content you will be asked to choose the most suitable category or categories based on the website’s key themes: News, Economy, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Education, Sport, Lifestyle, Comment, Finance, Crypto and MORE. 

Other formats accepted include photographsvideosblogs and podcasts. Media content must include a short descriptive summary or caption.

All written articles should capture within the opening lines the essence or main idea as these will appear as introductory text linking to the full article.

All contributors must follow the following ethical guidelines:

  • Be honest.
  • Be balanced, objective and fair, not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations or prejudices.
  • Always check your facts. Be accurate.
  • Be transparent about who you are, your role in the story, your methodology, and any conflicts of interest.
  • Differentiate between facts and opinion.
  • Include information about any funding.
  • Be careful about posting developments that have not been confirmed or that you have not witnessed yourself.
  • Do not distribute copyrighted material or plagiarize (copying someone else’s work). Provide links to original sources.
  • Be careful about posting information that could risk the safety of your sources, do not post anything that will endanger someone’s life.
  • Do not risk your safety in order to get a ‘great‘ story or picture.
  • Do not fabricate stories, or digitally alter pictures or video.
  • Include a disclaimer with any especially disturbing content.
  • Avoid profanity.
  • Do not be anonymous. You should be willing and proud to put your name to the material you publish.

Contributors are responsible for adhering to certain laws relevant to journalists. Protect yourself by following the advice in newsnet’s guide to law, ethics and funding.

All news content submitted to the website and/or Metro insert will be reviewed by the media4us Editorial Team.

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many sites nowadays

Accept guest posts

but our main goal is to help the young authors to express themselves and to help the small businesses to get more customers!


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